Your Assurance of Quality




Governing Bodies and Insurances

B&D Contractors are Environmental Agency licensed to carry waste material.  

B&D Contractors are registered with and actively implement ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 into our business allowing us to offer a quality assured service.

B&D Contractors have full public liability insurance with a value of up to ten million pounds. 

We are Members of CheckATrade who regularly vet and monitor our work. Our customers can add comments to this website at any time, which shows the quality of our portfolio of work undertaken.   

Environmental Policy

B&D Contractors are committed to achieving performance in environmental practices by minimising its operational impact on the environment therefore limiting pollution and hazardous waste. B&D Contractors demonstrate efficient use of energy, water, raw materials and fuels to minimise waste and re-use or recycle.

Health and Safety

The partners are firmly committed to promoting and achieving high standards of health, safety and welfare at all their sites, by compliance with all relevant health and safety at work.

The company’s objective is to plan and control activities in such a manner as to ensure the wellbeing of everyone, whether directly or indirectly employed, visitors or members of the public.

Adequate resources will be made available for the planning, provision and maintenance of accident-free working conditions and a safe system of work.